Gas prices near $2 per gallon in Central Florida

Some of lowest prices in state at several stations in Oviedo


ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida drivers are feeling fatter wallets as the price at some gas stations is on the verge of dipping below $2 a gallon.

News 6 did some checking, and found some of the lowest prices in the state at several stations along University Boulevard and Alafaya Trail in Oviedo.

Prices bottom out at $2.01, while others hover just a penny or two higher.

They are prices college-age drivers have never seen.

AAA said end-of-summer gas prices haven't been this low since 2004. For nearly a month, gas prices have fallen every day -- nearly 30 cents so far, said AAA.

The average price of regular unleaded in Florida is $2.246, said AAA.

Local gas stations told News 6 these prices will drop again.

AAA said it's likely to drop below $2 by the end of the year.