Teens sought in car burglaries in Conway neighborhood

Residents post surveillance video showing burglaries in act

News 6 at 5:30p
News 6 at 5:30p

ORLANDO, Fla. – A local family is looking to identify the teenagers who they say were caught on surveillance camera in the midst of burglarizing cars.

Daniel Kuntz says his family always goes through footage from their surveillance camera at their home in the Conway community and when they checked it Friday morning, they noticed some suspicious activity in their driveway.

The video was taken at 12:45 a.m. Friday and shows three teenagers rummaging through the cars.

Kuntz said there were five in total, and they were probably middle-school aged.

"The last kids that did it, they broke into my dad's truck a few months ago, and they got caught so hopefully that can happen to these kids," Kuntz said. "We can figure out what's happening in this neighborhood because it's been happening too often...and hopefully we can get them all caught and get them all put away." 

Kuntz said he hopes someone notices the suspects in the video so it can lead to arrests.