World Trade Center beam unveiled in Titusville

Artifact will be part of permanent memorial monument

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A portion of a World Trade Center beam was unveiled Friday morning as part of a September 11th memorial service in Titusville.

The artifact, which was recently acquired from Ground Zero, will be part of a permanent memorial monument in front of the Fire Headquarters Building at 550 South Washington Avenue.

"It's a tremendous honor for us to have that and be able to display a piece of history in Titusville," said Fire Chief Michael Woodward.

Titusville Police Officer Christopher Smith was in attendance for the memorial. Smith's father was a New York City Firefighter who died 14 years ago in the terrorist attacks.

"The connection between Officer Smith's father and this artifact, it overwhelmed me," said Woodward.

At the ceremony, Officer Smith donated an American flag to the city. It was given to his family by the New York City Fire Department after his father's death.

The flag will also be on display at the Titusville Fire Department as a tribute to the hundreds of emergency responders who lost their lives in the attacks.

"It's truly humbling and an honor to me to be able to memorialize that day for him," said Woodward. "And pay tribute to his father and all the others that lost their lives on that day."

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