Group seeking 'freeze' on Orange County relief school denied

Petition filed to challenge rezoning decision

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A group of east Orange County homeowners seeking a "freeze" on construction of a proposed Wedgefield K-8 school were denied by commissioners Tuesday.

In February, the Board of County Commissioners approved rezoning a plot of land off Bancroft Boulevard, which cleared a path for a school to be built to alleviate overcrowding at nearby elementary and middle schools.

A petition was filed with the Circuit Court, however, challenging the rezoning decision.

"It aught to be closer to the population," said attorney Greg Fencik, who represents the group opposing construction.  "Closer to the kids that are going to attend this school.  At this point and time it isn't"

On Tuesday, Fencik officially requested that the board stay its rezoning decision until the Circuit Court issues its final decision about the plot of land.

"In this particular instance, it's in the wrong place.  It's in the wrong place in Wedgefield.  It may be in the wrong place in Orange County, for that matter," said Fencik.

After hearing arguments from Fencik and an attorney representing the Orange County School Board, commissioners unanimously denied the request.

"I think that it's appropriate for us to let the school board move forward and let this play out in the courts," said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

"The decision is what it is.  We may, in fact, take an appeal of the decision to the Circuit Court," said Fencik.

For now, construction will continue on the proposed school, which is scheduled to open at the beginning of the 2016 school year.

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