Sea turtle to be released back into sea after rehab

Marine Science Center in Volusia County to release sea turtle back into the wild

(Photo Courtesy: Marine Science Center)

PONCE INLET, Fla. – The Marine Science Center in Volusia County has nursed a a 10 1/2-pound juvenile sea turtle, named Bentley, back to life. On Wednesday, Bentley will return to sea after five months of rehabilitation.

Pending weather and surf conditions, staff will release the green sea turtle at 3. p.m. at the Beach Street Ramp in Ponce Inlet, where Bentley was discovered in April.

"When he came to us, Bentley was weak, underweight, and covered in algae and barnacles, which indicated an illness that caused prolonged inactivity," Turtle Rehabilitation Manager, Melissa Ranly said. "He also had a healed wound on the top left part of his skull that left it severely indented."

Bentley's brain and internal structures were intact. While staff removed the algae and barnacles, veterinarian Dr. Craig Pelton treated him for dehydration, an electrolyte imbalance and internal parasites.

During rehab, Ranly noted that Bentley gained nearly 4 pounds and became strong enough to return to his natural habitat.

Since January, the Marine Science Center has treated 105 sea turtles, dozens of hatchlings, and 75 other reptiles.