Wildlife hospital overrun with baby squirrels

(Florida Today)

Storms and overzealous tree trimmers sent 120 baby squirrels tumbling from their tree-top nests, onto the ground and into rehab, News 6 partner Florida Today reports.

Now, the fuzzy little critters wolf down nut-vegetable mix, sniff for more, and overwhelm yet enamor their hosts.

"It's not out of the norm, but it's early," Tracy Frampton, executive director of the Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary, said of this season's early arrivals at the sanctuary.

Squirrel nesting season happens twice a year — in mid- to late September and again around February and March.

Staff hand feed most of the orphaned baby squirrels at the sanctuary three or four times daily. None of the squirrels is completely independent, yet. But when they are in a few months, staff will to let them acclimate outside at the sanctuary for a while, then release them back to the wild.