Charges filed against man who exposed himself to runner, Kissimmee police say

20-year-old Jiovanny Gonzalez already in Osceola County Jail on unrelated charge


KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Kissimmee police say they've arrested a man caught on camera exposing himself in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Investigators say Jiovanny Gonzalez told them he knew he was trouble when he saw a News 6 live van parked in the area soon after the incident on August 30.

He holed himself up in his house until someone tipped off police.

A picture showing a man resembling Gonzalez was distributed to the media by Kissimmee police. It was cropped to his chest because the woman who took it claims he was exposing himself by her house at the time.

She told police she was running on Lakeside Drive near Wimbledon Street.
She said Gonzalez was watching her. She said he followed her and eventually pulled his pants down.

That's when she said she snapped the picture.

Investigators say Gonzalez was arrested in March when he was caught loitering outside a woman's window looking inside.

And Polk County detectives believe he's the man they've been looking for for an indecent exposure case there.

Even with all of these other allegations against him, Gonzalez could still walk of jail.
His bond is set at $11,000.?

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