News 6 presents Ping's Things

Sports Director David Pingalore discusses NFL, MLS, gives predictions


First things first.  The Orlando City Soccer club finally won a game.  Wow!

It was the team's first win in six games, and they didn't even need the injured $7 million man, Kaka.  By the way, Kaka  should be ready to go this weekend when the Lions travel to Chicago.

Five games left and the club is right in the middle of the playoff picture.  Feel good, OC fans, because I am now on record saying they will make the playoffs.  I can just feel it!  I know what you are thinking, this bozo has made predictions before and has been wrong.  Never have I felt so good about a prediction.  Keep the faith!

Did you see that Patriots QB Tom Brady is endorsing Donald Trump for president?  What's next, Brady the chief of staff?  Tom, worry about football and leave the other stuff to other people.  

Thursday Night Football starts on News 6 this week, with the Chiefs hosting the Broncos.  Is it me, or is Peyton Manning about to apply for the AARP card?  He has been around a long time.  I don't see the Broncos winning more than eight games this season. Sorry, Bronco fans!  Not this year.

The Orlando Magic are two weeks away from starting training camp.  Yep, camp is almost on us.  I am just as much interested in the Magic starting this season as you are.  I have a feeling they are going to exceed all expectations.  Oops, another prediction. Sorry. 

Week 2 of the NFL.  Ping's Things likes the Dolphins to manhandle the Jags.  Sorry, Bortles fans, it's just what the statistics say.  Bortles has to stop throwing pick-sixes.  

In college football, UCF takes care of Furman on a last-second field goal ... Gators lose to Kentucky by two touchdowns.  Did I just say that? I did.