College student gets keys to success

Seminole State College student wins free car

Juggling work and school can be quite difficult especially if you lack your own transportation. But thanks to a local dealership one special college student is truly getting the keys to success.
LaQueena Ward, a 20-year-old Seminole State College student came to the "Off Lease Only" dealership Friday afternoon in hopes of buying a car.

"To start I needed a car. So I worked the whole summer to save up everything I got" she said.

But there was a big surprise waiting for her when she walked out-- her own car free of charge.

When asked what she was feeling she answered, "I was flabbergasted, I didn't know what to expect, I was in shock."

The Hyundai Sonata will help jumpstart her successful future, giving her the reliable transportation she needed!

"I needed it to go between school and work. I work overnight and then I have class a couple hours later so to getting to school from work was hectic since I needed to use the city bus," Ward said.

But her road here has not been easy. Lacking stability and facing homelessness, Ward found the Faine House in Orlando. This organization is known for helping teens and young adults who were in foster care transition into adulthood.

Cheryl Distler, the program manager for the Faine House spoke about Ward, stating, "she doesn't sit back and think and say oh this is what happened to me, she's just looking forward to her great future."

With their guidance she was able to find opportunities and success by holding down a job and graduating high school.

When asked to describe Ward in one word Distler answered, "determined! She is going to get what she wants and is going to work really hard to get it."

She hopes to graduate with her degree in sports medicine before joining the military. 

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