Orange County deputies urge residents to lock cars after rash of burglaries

'Car hopper' burglaries reported in Conway area


Orange County Sheriff's Office is urging residents in the Conway area to lock their cars after reports of auto burglaries and car hopping in the area.

Deputies said they distributed fliers to parents at Conway Elementary, Lake George Elementary, Conway Middle and Shenandoah Elementary on Friday.

The increase in burglaries is due to "car hoppers," many targeting unlocked vehicles, according to a release.

Deputies said they found 22 vehicles unlocked with items of value in plain view in the Landlubber, Kennedy, Simmons, Woodlyne, Sheldrake and Gatlin Place subdivisions, along with Lake Conway Woods neighborhood and the Southfork Ranch neighborhood.

Homes near Conway Road on Pershing Avenue ,March Street, cAmpbell Avenua and Shine Avenue also had fliers distributed. Eight garage doors were also found open with items in plain view.

According to deputies, the vehicles were secured and the owner contacted.