Gas prices below $2 a gallon in Florida

(Pam Roth/SXC)

ORLANDO, Fla. – The news continues to get better and better when it comes to gas prices. New numbers show prices in Florida have dropped again in the past week and now more and more gas stations have crossed below the $2/gallon mark.

"It's amazing. I haven't seen it this low in a lot of years," said Shannon Winters as she filled up at Wawa in Orlando Monday morning where gas was $1.99/gallon.

It's been since 2004 that we've seen prices below $2 and that price isn't limited to one or even a couple gas stations around Central Florida. According to AAA, the average in Florida right now is $2.15/gallon. However, most gas stations in Florida are selling for much less than that. The average prices in Florida has fallen $0.57 in past 3 months. And compared to this time last year, people are saving anywhere from $15-$25 on a full tank of gas.

"Usually it takes me about 45, 50 bucks. Now, about 30, 35 so I'm good," said Tanesha Bradley.

More supply, lower demand and cheaper oil is what's bringing these prices down. It's also not unusual for prices to be the lowest during the fall and winter because less people are taking road trips which causes demand to decrease.

"They are great, very cheap, I love it. If it could stay this way, I'm good," said Latoya Engram.

AAA predicts prices will stay this low until the end of the year.