Woman slams car into bedroom of neighbor's home

Geta Douglas, 58, ticketed for careless driving


ORLANDO, Fla. – Officials say a woman who was learning to drive crashed into the bedroom of her neighbor's home.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Geta Douglas, 58, who has a learner's license, was in the driver's seat of a 2002 Nissan Altima with Kaniesha Douglas, 32, in the car, instructing her on how to drive.

Troopers said as Geta Douglas began traveling on Paris Place she lost control of the car and traveled through the front yard of her neighbor's home at 3312 Paris Place.

To avoid hitting a tree and chain link fence, Geta Douglas swerve and ran into the home.

Troopers said Geta Douglas suffered minor injuries. Kaniesha Douglas was not injured.

Geta Douglas was ticketed for careless driving.