Man exposes himself to women, kids outside JC Penney department store

Clermont police search for culprit

CLERMONT, Fla. – Police in Clermont are searching for a man who exposed himself to several women and children outside a department store.

It happened Monday afternoon outside the JC Penney on Highway 27.

According to a police report, the man drove through the parking lot and exposed himself to at least four victims, including children. Police said during the 5 p.m. shopping rush, victims reported the man "drove slowly past them," "leaned upward" and "exposed his genitals" while "staring at them."

Victims told police the man is white or Latino with a medium build, brown hair and scruffy white beard. He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a white emblem on the side.

No other details of the incident were released.

Women and families walked through the busy parking lot the following day, unaware of what happened and unaware the man was still on the loose.

"I would never expect that to happen, especially in the parking lot if I have my kids with me," said Lisa Pownall as she walked to her car. "Personally, I would have followed him and got his tag number, took a picture with my phone and called police."

Sara Rogers said, "I will definitely make sure I have my cellphone with me and pepper spray, or something else to protect myself and my children."

There does not appear to be any visible security cameras in the area where the crime happened. It is another reason why shoppers want more security until the suspect is caught.