Rain chances increase through week into weekend

Area of low pressure continues to spin off coast of Flagler County


Rain chances will increase in the afternoon on Thursday as an area of low pressure continues to spin just off the coast of Flagler County.

Rain chances stay high through the end of the week and the upcoming weekend, between 50 and 60 percent.

"Afternoon high temperatures will stay right on target in the upper 80s around 89 degrees for Friday into the weekend," said News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges.

Tracking the tropics

There is an area of low pressure with only a 20 percent  chance of development within the next five days near the Yucatán peninsula. 

"Ida is a tropical storm and is likely to stay a tropical storm for the next couple of days still churning in the same old spot out in the central Atlantic not impacting the US," Bridges said.

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