Search continues for man who shot armored truck driver at Publix in Altamonte Springs

Bag of money stolen in robbery, police say


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Local authorities and the FBI continue to search for a man who shot an armored car driver in the head at an Altamonte Springs supermarket during a robbery.

[PICS: Cash carrier shot in head | VIDEO: Watch news conference | Surveillance released]

The 25-year-old victim, who works for Loomis-Fargo, was listed in serious but stable condition after the shooting, which occurred Thursday afternoon at the Publix on State Road 436 at Palm Springs Drive.

According to Altamonte Springs police, the cash carrier was ambushed by a man inside the foyer of the store, between the glass-door entrance and exit.  The gunman fired multiple shots before stealing a bag of money, police said.

Altamonte Springs police described the shooter as a black man wearing a long-sleeved plaid shirt with an orange or purple hat, possibly a Phoenix Suns baseball cap.

A getaway driver was waiting in a gold Nissan Maxima, which was found behind the store at the nearby Royal Arms Condos complex, police said.  The gunman and the getaway driver remain on the loose.


[VIDEO: Witness posts to Instagram, courtesy internationaldigg]

A woman who was on a scale next to the gunman before the shooting spoke to News 6 about the incident.

"I got in a little bit further into the store, (and) that's when I heard the gunshots behind me," she said.  "It's very frightening because so much of it goes on.  The first thing that comes to my mind is, 'Oh, my goodness.  We can't go grocery shopping any more.'  Someone like that, a criminal, you never know if they're going to attack anybody else."

Three Publix customers were taken to the hospital for cardiac issues after witnessing the shooting, police said.  They were all treated and released.

The store reopened Friday morning, and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper has been stationed there for safety reasons.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the individual that was injured and his family. We are working closely with law enforcement on this matter," Publix said in a statement.

Business was going on as usual Friday at Publix, people continuing to stop, however, police said they're still actively searching for two suspects.

"What we have right now is an individual who is absolutely considered armed and dangerous, just from the video alone, it is very graphic," said Lt. Rob Pelton, of the Altamonte Police Department.

The suspected armed robber is seen on the phone trying to appear low key in surveillance video. Police said the man waited and just as an armed Loomis guard carrying cash walks out, the suspect fired.

"He had every intent on shooting first and then taking the money and we're looking to get this individual off our streets," Pelton said.

Police said the victim is still in the hospital in critical condition.


Earlier this month, a Brinks truck driver was robbed of $160,000 at an ATM in Orlando. Two men were arrested in the robbery, but $55,000 remains missing.

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