Mother in Altamonte Springs crash that killed son, husband regaining memory

Sister-in-law: Ivelisse Martinez recovering, now remembers family, but not crash


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Family members said the mother involved in a crash that killed her son and husband is regaining her memory.

Following last Friday's crash, Ivelisse Martinez, 27, was confused and disoriented and could not remember the crash or even having a family. Her sister-in-law told News 6 she is recovering and now remembers her family, but not the crash.

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"That's all she says, 'Where's my baby, where's my baby, Brayden. I cannot live without my baby. How am I going to live with this pain?'" said Griselle Zeno.

Zeno's younger brother, Jose Luis Vargas, 35, was Martinez's husband and the father of Brayden, 1. Vargas and Brayden were killed in the crash at State Roads 436 and 434 in Altamonte Springs.

"He was kind, he was humble, he was an excellent parent," Zeno said.

"Right now, we are in so much pain that we are trying to heal to be able to live," she said.

Zeno said they believe the family was out buying shoes for the baby when they were involved in the chain-reaction crash.

Altamonte Springs police said Cynthia Guthrie, 75, was behind the wheel of a green Crown Victoria. Police said for an unknown reason Guthrie crashed into Vargas' gold Kia, causing the car to crash into others.

Vargas had recently graduated from chef school and was working at a restaurant in Altamonte Springs. Just hours before the crash, video shows Brayden and Vargas feeding birds at a nearby park.

"We have an army praying for us and we can feel it," Zeno told News 6. "They're in a better place and we will love them forever."

News 6 asked if they wanted to see criminal charges against the driver. Zeno said the family is focused on healing. She continued by saying they believe people should be held accountable for their actions but wanted to wait for the investigation to make a fair and objective decision.

If you'd like to donate, the family has set up a GoFundMe page.

Family members said Brayden and his father were buried Thursday afternoon. Martinez continues to recover at Orlando Regional Medical Center.