Woman evicted after roof collapses at Orlando apartment

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 is learning new information about a local family fighting for their home after the ceiling collapsed in September.

The Cypress Pointe Apartment Complex in Orlando refused to pay for the damages, according to the homeowner. Now, they slapped her with an eviction, even though she doesn't live there.

"The building is currently still falling in," said Vanessa Richmond.

The last two months haven't been easy for Richmond's family after her apartment unit's roof collapsed under the weight of leaking water. Everything she owned was ruined.

"People work hard to pay rent," said Richmond. "They don't know what people go through to pay their rent and their bills. It's just not fair."

Since it happened, Richmond has gone back and forth with management at the apartment complex about who is liable for the damage.

Initially, they offered her and her family five days at a nearby hotel, but Richmond said the hotel was filled with drug dealers and prostitutes.

Instead, she stayed with a friend, but last week was evicted from the complex.

"I just cried," said Richmond. "I've never had an eviction on my name."

"I'm not even understanding how they fixed their fingertips to type up an eviction complaint to evict a person that has already been constructively evicted out of their home," said Miranda Jackson, Richmond's lawyer.

Jackson said she finds it ridiculous that her client was served an eviction, so she filed a motion to vacate the judge's orders.

"This is evil," said Jackson. "My client is (a) Section 8 recipient. They're suing her for $274 at the end of the day, and attorneys fees, and all of this could've been avoided."

News 6 reached out to the property manager, True Holdings LLC, but haven't heard back from them.

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