Invest in your home by replacing old windows


(NewsUSA) - Nothing does more to enhance the look and feel of a home than windows -- especially if your house still has rickety single-pane glass windows. But replacing old windows doesn't just add comfort by eliminating drafts, CNN Money says homeowners can see a significant return on their investment from increased resale value. Replacement windows can also help save money on energy bills every year.

According to a survey by Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment for replacing your windows is among the highest of typical remodeling projects. Not to mention, these estimates are modest with the emergence of more energy-efficient windows. Windows that not only can regulate temperature but also maximize sunlight in winter make a significant difference when heat and cooling bills are due.

Advancements in energy-efficient windows are helping homeowners save more on energy bills, not to mention recoup some of the cost of window replacement. The latest window designs include a combination of energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.

But when homeowners are making an upfront purchase as expensive as new windows, they must be sure it's the right time. Look for the following signs to inform you it's time for new windows:

* Drafts. Drafts mean windows are no longer properly insulated, which may include the weather stripping.

* Soft wood. Tap window frames with a blunt tool to see if it can be easily pushed into the wood. Soft wood tends to be a sign of decay, mold or termite damage.

* Peeling paint on exterior. Moisture can travel through poorly sealed windows and back out to the outside of the house, which often causes exterior paint to peel and flake off.

* Problems opening or closing. Old windows have seen their share of fresh paint, meaning they may stick or fail to open at all. While it's annoying to have a window that won't open, it's also a safety threat and a fire hazard.