Ping's Things: Magic, FSU, World Golf Championship


Do you believe in Magic? I do. I am not talking about bunnies out of a hat, either. I am referring to the 1-4 Orlando Magic.

Yeah, they have a losing record into the second week of the season but they are losing close games. They have drastically improved from a year ago. New head coach, Scott Skiles is certainly one of the differences. Of course the young guys have improved during the off season. There is definitely a sense of rejuvenation with this club. So start believing in the Magic.

Florida State fans hate anything about the Gators but as we know sports goes in waves. FSU had their fun the last couple of seasons as Gator nation couldn't figure things out but with a new head coach the Gators are a win away from winning the SEC East and ranked 10th in the latest college football rankings. Nobody on this planet outside the program would have ever thought this was going to play out
like this. Florida State's biggest game of the year now will be at the Swamp.

Speaking of the college football ranking system. It's a joke right now. Way too early to be ranking teams but what people do not realize every Tuesday at 7 p.m. is a TV show that they want you to tune in to and then talk about it so you come back the following Tuesday. That's why they do it. Of course the top four teams right now will be different than the top four from the week prior. Sports is big business. It's a TV show. With that said, if the Gators run the table, they will be in the playoffs.

Ping's Things likes Dustin Johnson to win in China this week-- that's random. The World Golf Championship is being played a world away and it gets no love. UCF will remain winless and free beer continues at the "Basement" bar in Orlando as Tulsa wins by 60 and the Gators win Saturday against Vandy 12-0. Treon Harris struggles again but the defense comes up big.