7-year-old violin prodigy uses music to bring people together

Leah Flynn traveled to Missouri with hope of bringing people together

SANFORD, Fla. – Leah Flynn hopes to bring people together and inspire change with her music.

The 7-year-old violinist began playing almost three years ago and has attracted nationwide attention with her abilities.

At her home in Sanford she practices one to two hours a day.

"My favorite part of playing the violin is just feeling the strings," she says as she moves her hand along the neck. "Also waving the bow on this part, because it's fun."

One of her dreams is to be a messenger of peace for the United Nations.

Leah traveled to Ferguson, Missouri  with her parents after learning of the unrest there. She was determined to play for the city as a way to bring people together.

"Leah wants to help through her music," her dad, Lennox, says. "Bring healing to the world through her music."

Her mom, Paula, said Leah brought up the idea of going to Missouri more than once before they finally took her seriously.

"Leah is a child that just wants to give back," she says. "She realizes that she plays well and if she can do something she wants to help."

"I hope to be a concert violinist," Leah says, after playing a song in her living room . "I also hope to help people."

Leah has learned and memorized numerous musical pieces, her favorite being "Let it Go," from the Disney "Frozen" soundtrack. 

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