Local man shot trying to help woman being mugged in New Orleans

Lake Brantley High School graduate came to woman's aid

Video has been released of a local man who was shot while trying to help a woman who was being mugged. The gunman then tried to shoot him in the head.

The shooting happened Friday morning in New Orleans.

The man is reportedly recovering, listed in guarded condition.

Video was posted on YouTube by New Orleans police. Investigators said it shows a man carrying a woman against her will. He eventually let her go.

That's when Peter Gold, a graduate of Lake Brantley High School, pulled up in his car and came to the woman's aid. At this point, police said the man confronted Gold and pointed a gun at him.

Moments later, the gunman shot Gold in the stomach.

As Gold lay on the sidewalk in pain, the gunman then tried to shoot him in the head several times, but the gun jammed. The gunman then gave up and left. He was still on the loose Friday night.

Gold is a medical student at Tulane University. His family was by his side Friday night. News 6 has contacted them to see how he is doing but has yet to hear back.