Driver sentenced in Volusia County fatal DUI crash

Woman gets 11 years on DUI manslaughter charges

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. – On Tuesday, a judge sentenced 34-year-old Jodie Acuri to 11 years behind bars and four years probation for DUI manslaughter. The state asked for 15 years but the judge said he wanted to give Acuri a second chance.

"I ask God to give you strength and courage to accept an apology now. I am truly sorry for your loss," said Arcuri.

Acuri expressed remorse in court for killing 22-year-old Stephen Wilson last year while under the influence.

Bob Huff, Acuri's attorney, believed she should not get the full 15 years in prison that the state was asking for because besides being remorseful, she cooperated with police. he also said Acuri suffers from mental health disorders and needs counseling more than prison.

"We're warehousing a client who may or may not get the help she needs while she's in prison," said Huff.

However, the state argued Acuri needs to learn her lesson by going to prison, saying she's been a drug addict for 10 years and her mental illnesses have nothing to do with this case.

But after listening to both sides and taking into account strong witness statement, the judge decided Acuri get 11 years behind bars.

"It's probably what I would have expected it but we thought that it should have been a lower sentence," said Huff.

"It's satisfying to know that she's behind bars a little bit but you know nothing will ever bring him back," said Catherine Deering.

Acuri will also have her driver's license revoked. She's not allowed to go to any bars or liquor stores and must have a mental health evaluation.

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