Hillary Clinton holds grassroots organizing event in Orlando

Clinton discusses economic agenda

ORLANDO, Fla. – For the first time since announcing her bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in the Orlando area Wednesday, make a pledge to the Latino community to represent them in the White House.

[PICS: Hillary Clinton event held in Orlando | VIDEO: News 6 reports ]

Clinton spoke to a crowd of hundreds at the Orlando Magic Recreational Facility on Rhode Island Woods Circle, which is near Orlando International Airport.

"Florida is so much a symbol of America," Clinton told supporters.  "it's diverse, dynamic, optimistic. You have everything in the state."

Clinton was flanked by a group of chanting supporters on stage, many of them Latino.

"Certainly here in Central Florida we've seen so many people come here for the jobs, for the opportunities. Some are even starting to call central Florida Puerto Rico's 79th municipality."

Clinton also addressed pre-kindergarten education, college tuition reform and called for a confrontation with the gun lobbyists.

Supporters told News 6 meeting Clinton was an opportunity of a lifetime.

"You didn't see me leap up off the chair when she said we got to protect women's rights?" asked one supporter.

New poll numbers out Wednesday show Clinton would beat any of the Republican candidates, but only by a few points.

Supporters said they plan to do their best to widen that gap.

After Wednesday's rally, Clinton attended a question-and-answer fundraiser at the home of Bill Kitchen, a roller coaster developer whose project will eventually sit atop the new Skyplex development on International Drive.

She has rallies in Tampa planned for Thursday.

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