Man serving time for 2011 fatal crash hopes to prove innocence

Isaac Anderson convicted of aggravated battery on law enforcement officer

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man convicted of ramming a car into cops and being involved in another crash that killed a passenger hopes to soon walk out of jail.

Isaac Anderson's lawyer said new evidence proves he's innocent.

On Wednesday, a judge ordered a new trial in the initial crash that happened near Washington Street and Rosalind Avenue in downtown Orlando in April 2011. At the time, Orlando police said he rammed into them. A jury convicted him of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

"My client, Isaac Anderson, was very adamant that he had not run into police, that they had run into him and that if somebody could just get a picture of the car, it would prove that," said David Frakt, Anderson's attorney.

Recently, Frakt was able to get several pictures from the car insurance company that show no damage on the front of the car. It's evidence never shown in court.

"It's pretty rare when you have photographic evidence that proves that the police lied and your client is innocent," said Frakt, who has filed a complaint with the Orlando Police Department Internal Affairs.

It's up to the state attorney's office to decide whether to have a new trial, but Frakt said he is hopeful the SAO will decide to not pursue it.

Now, Frakt is working on another case that, if won, could get Anderson out of jail completely.

A few months after the initial crash, Anderson fled from police and crashed into another car, killing its passenger. Frakt said Anderson ran from police because of fears from his prior experience.

"The cops fabricated a story and he got a mandatory minimum 30-year conviction, so his prior experience led him to not want to have that encounter," said Frakt. "When our law enforcement officers lack the basic integrity to tell the truth on the stand, it completely corrupts the system."

Anderson was given 20 years for the traffic homicide. He's already served nearly five years, so Frakt hopes so he could get out on probation if the sentence is reduced.