Thieves cut their way through screens, break glass doors in Metrowest

ORLANDO, Fla. – Surveillance footage from inside a victim's apartment shows three guys with their faces covered during a break-in using their cellphones as flash lights.

"Metrowest isn't or didn't used to be known for that too much," said Tyler Capo, who lives nearby. "I'm glad I'm on the third floor, I guess, so I shouldn't have too much of a problem."

"It's very shocking," said Roger Rendel, who lives in the complex. "This is the first thing I hear about this. I've been here for a year."

Police said the crooks got into multiple first-floor apartments by cutting through patio screens and smashing glass doors.

"The screens coming in through your patio is very easy, all you do is cut the screen, you know, and most of the neighborhoods around here have alarms," said Robert Scott, who lives nearby.

Detectives said the group of thieves has been stealing anything they can get their hands on and walk off with, from expensive electronics, televisions and laptops, to jewelry and watches.

"Burglarers, they have a certain amount of time to get in and out, and they're out of there by the time the police get back," Scott said.

Neighbors said the burglars are taking advantage of the holiday season.

"People know that gifts are being given. They see it as a jackpot this time of the year, so people need to lock up," said Nicole Gomez, who lives in the neighborhood.