Orange County residents frustrated with missed garbage pickup

Solid Waste Division says it's working quickly to solve the problem

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County officials tell News 6 crews are working an extra day to pick up all of the garbage that was missed this week by Saturday.

Jim Becker, the Orange County Solid Waste Division Manager, says there have delays this week since the new automated collection system began at the new year.

"I would say 90% of the people got their trash picked up on time on the right day and are moving forward and about 10% didn't,” Becker said.

The county has received about 25,000 calls since Monday regarding the trash pickup. Becker says it has slowed down because some people are not following the new procedures, such as leaving enough space between the bins, making sure they are facing the right way, and putting all of the trash in the containers.

Collectors were seen on Thursday picking up trash from homes they missed on Monday, including Rachael Howe's house. She says she's relieved the garbage is gone.

"We understand they're doing the beset that they can. Just getting an answer and having some kind of pickup is exactly what we're looking for,” Howe said.

Becker says all the trash missed earlier this week should be picked up by Thursday. He adds crews will work on Saturday, their day off, to pick up any remaining trash that is missed.

The county urges everyone to be patient while the glitches of the new system are worked out.

“Let us know where you have been missed and we'll be out there,” Becker said.

If your trash was missed, call 407-836-6601 to report it and the county will send someone out as quickly as they can. Becker adds they hope to work out the kinks of the new system and have it running smoothly in the next few months.

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