Pack of dogs attacks, critically injures woman inside Sanford home

5 of 6 dogs killed in attack

SANFORD, Fla. – A woman was attacked by a pack of dogs and critically wounded and four others were injured Tuesday inside a Sanford apartment, officials said.

[AUDIO: 911 calls released in attack ]

Sanford police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said an officer rushed to the Stonebrook apartment complex and saw several pit bulls mauling a woman.

Police wrote in their report that when they arrived, they "observed several adults and children screaming that the dogs are killing her."

Police said when they entered the third floor apartment, there was blood on the floor and door.

"I observed several pitbulls (5 total) attacking an unknown person in the hallway... the pitbulls had the unknown person on the floor of the apartment in a sitting position, biting the victim in the arms, legs and upper body area," wrote the officer.

The officer shot and killed five dogs, and a sixth had to be coaxed out of the home.

"I discharged my firearm in attempts to stop the pitbull attacks... one of the pitbulls began charging me," wrote the officer.

Two women, one man and one boy were hospitalized, with one of the woman's injuries considered life-threatening, according to officials. Another boy had minor injuries but was not taken to a hospital.

Sanford police said one of the women was familiar with the animals, but it's unclear whether the dogs lived in the home.

The apartment complex issued a statement on Wednesday insisting the dogs should never have been inside the apartment.

“Yesterday afternoon there was a dog attack within an apartment at the community. The dogs involved in the attack were unauthorized pets, which are not permitted under the terms of our lease.  We last inspected the unit on November 15 and no pets were observed. We are cooperating with the police and animal control in their investigation," the statement said.

Stonebrook's website lists a pet policy: "Stonebrook Apartments only allows 2 pets per apartment. Breed restrictions apply. Please contact one of our leasing professionals for further details."

The complex did not provide further details about the breed restrictions after an email inquiry from News 6.

Other neighbors have seen large dogs, including pit bulls in the complex, leaving some to wonder how closely the policy is being followed.

"Siberian huskie, bulldog, and German shephard," said neighbor Wanda Rivera. "I'm so afraid because I paid a lot of money and they don't have the security to keep away the big big dogs. That's not supposed to be. My husband is sick, I am in wheel chair, and then you see a big dog. He maybe bite my husband!"

"I think they hid them," said neighbor Angela Becerra. "If that's what they were doing, the animals turned. When you mistreat an animal, he's going to turn on you. If you're not feeding him, walking him, we've never seen anyone walk any pitbulls. I see dogs coming from over there, dogs coming from over there."

Becerra said she never saw or heard any animals in the apartment or outside the apartment.

"Pit bulls are not supposed to be allowed in here," a man identified as Steven said. "That's right. No dogs over 60 pounds -- pit bulls, German shepherds, a whole list of dogs."

"There are pit bulls in this complex," a woman identified as Lori said.

Police would not identify the woman because they said they are concerned she may not survive. "It could mean an open death investigation making the names exempt," said Bianca Gillett, Sanford Police Department spokesperson.