Burglars break into cars overnight in Cocoa

Detectives: Crooks took wallets, cash, phones, knives

COCOA, Fla. – Alethea Todaro said it's an unsettling feeling to know her and her husband's car were broken into overnight in her driveway, all while her family was sleeping.

"I felt uncomfortable in my own car today from when I was driving it. I felt violated like someone is capable of taking your stuff, so we'll think twice about keeping it unlocked that, for sure," Todaro said.

Police said the car burglaries happened sometime Monday night and into Tuesday morning, first on Shellie Court, then Sherwood Circle and Longbow Road. All three streets are just minutes away from each other.

"In all of the reports we received this morning, all the vehicles were left unsecured, and there were two victims that left firearms in the vehicle, in an unlocked vehicle," said Coco Police PIO Yvonne Martinez.

"It's scary to know that theres more guns out there that people got a hold of that aren't theirs," said resident Armand Defilippo.

Detectives said the crooks took wallets, cash, phones, knives -- anything they could get their hands on. But most concerning to neighbors is that a rifle was left in one car and a handgun that belonged to a man.

"It's not an easy thought to digest at all especially now that they have a rifle, too, it's not easy especially with a 3-year-old in the house," one neighbor said.

"You know, we hammer this message home all the time: lock your vehicles and remove all your valuables. Don't give a criminal an opportunity to steal your things," Martinez said.