City, county meet to solve homeless problem in Volusia

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – City and county leaders will have a joint meeting Wednesday night to discuss short-term and long-term plans to solve the homeless issue.

The city said its first priority is to find housing for the homeless who came from the Volusia Administrative Center.

The city said homelessness has been a problem for a while but said leaders now have to act fact to find temporary and permanent housing after it took in more than 100 homeless people at one time.

Daytona Beach's mayor sent a letter to county commissioners to discuss the short- and long-term goals that said it "...will coordinate and leverage the current resources in our community..."

The long-term solution would be building Safe Harbor, a 24-hour shelter that provides social and medical services. The mayor stated in the letter proposing that the county would donate $400,000 annually for the next ten years and build the facility. The county offered to pay $4 million to build the property and asked the city to pay for operational costs.

"There is no short term fix for the City of Daytona and for Volusia County," said Andrae Bailey, CEO of Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.

Bailey said the reason why Orlando is struggling with the homeless is because the city leaders and businesses provide funding for homes instead of shelters.

"Every city in America that solved this has made a long-term commitment to housing first and that methodology has brought real solutions," he said.

Meanwhile, the city said its goal is also to provide housing for the homeless but said it's a process. City said it already has $110,000 in donations to help the homeless.

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