Garbage slick stinks up east Orange County neighborhood

Stains on the street left behind by new trash trucks

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The stains stretch in front of some 40 houses in The Preserve at Eastwood. And they stink.

"It was a bad stench,” said neighbor Gail Imbornoni. “Like a garbage truck!"

Neighbors said it showed up the first time Orange County's new haulers collected their trash and then again after the second collection. The county switched to automated-arm trash trucks and once-a-week collection at the first of the year.

“I would believe it's something leaking from the truck, from the garbage, or maybe there was something wrong with truck that day, I'm not sure,” said neighbor Laura Zofkie. “But weeks later it hasn't washed away and it has rained pretty hard in the last four or five weeks."

Both Zofkie, Imbornoni and other neighbors said over the past month they called Orange County's Solid Waste division and were promised the stains would be pressure-washed away on a Saturday back in January.

"I wish they would have cleaned it up, they had a month to do it, we sent emails, my husband has called, no one has called us back,” said Zofkie. “They promised the first Saturday to come out and pressure wash it they never came."

Zofkie contacted News 6's Erik von Ancken and von Ancken contacted the county's Public Information Officer Doreen Overstreet.

Within hours, Overstreet had dispatched a pressure-washing crew to The Preserve.

“We're on top of it,” said Overstreet.

After the crew inspected the slick, the crew told News 6 it promised to return to clean all affected streets.

Zofkie had been frustrated that the problem lingered for so long.

"So then I called you and you came and got us results!” Zofkie told von Ancken. “Thank you!"

The county said it is investigating the exact cause of the slick but the pressure-washing crew said it appeared to be hydraulic fluid from the trash truck mixed with liquid squeezed from the garage on board the truck.

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