Mother shaken up by hit-and-run crash with infant in car

3-month-old girl was in back seat

SANFORD, Fla. – A local mother was shaken up by a hit-and-run crash in Sanford Monday morning.

Erika Williams said the accident happened so fast that the only thing she could think about was her 3-month-old baby girl in the back seat.

"I was terrified," Williams said. "To hear her screaming like that, it was literally the scariest moment of my life. I see him, but he was stopped and then all of a sudden, I feel the bang, pretty much hear it and then I spun around."

Williams said she turned around to see the car seat pushed over on its side after the impact.

"Seeing her car seat, thank God I strapped her in," Williams said. "It's making me cry. The pillar is like pushed into the car. I mean, some of their bumper is still on there."

Williams told News 6 she was so upset the driver didn't stop she posted the crash on Facebook, hoping someone saw something that could help police track the car down.

"It's horrible what they did," Williams said. "I mean, there was an infant, let alone if there wasn't an infant, how can you hit someone and not know they're OK and take off like that?"