Dog found in Orange County neighborhood with gunshot wound

Orange County Animal Services says Layla is recovering

Orange County Animal Services said a pit bull is recovering after being found in an Orange County neighborhood with a gunshot wound.

Officials said animal services was called on Tuesday night by a homeowner who said that the dog showed up in her yard injured.

An Orange County veterinarian determined the dog was shot with a small caliber handgun.

"Layla was picked up very late at night. She was taken to the veterinary emergency clinic which is a partner of ours. She received medical care there for about 24 hours and once stable she was transported back here to our shelter," said Diane Summer with Orange County Animal Services.

A couple days after being rescued, Layla is described to be in good sprits and well on her way to recovery.

"I took her out a little earlier today actually and she is very friendly. You'd have no idea that she's been through this trauma judging by her personality," said Summers. "She's running around. She's still eager for treats even with her muzzle in the shape that it's in. She is on pain medication and antibiotics to help her wound heal. She does sit too. So she's a smart girl."
Orange County said that despite the dog having a microchip and a rabies tag, they've been unable to get a hold of the owner because the phone number is disconnected and a new homeowner said he no longer lives at the address provided.

"It's unfortunate Layla isn't the first dog that we've had like this and I'm sure she won't be the last. It's why we encourage everyone who has any information on her case and anyone who has information about animal cruelty as a whole to report it to crime line."

Layla isn't available for adoption because of her injury and the ongoing investigation.

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