Teens accused of pulling knife at Walmart arrested

Orlando police release video of incident

ORLANDO, Fla. – Two teens were arrested after Orlando police released video showing one of them lunging at Walmart security officers while holding a knife, authorities tweeted on Thursday.

The teens 16-year-old Tanayia Lampkin and 15-year-old Miesha Bryant, face charges of shoplifting and robbery with a deadly weapon in the incident, which occurred last month at the Walmart at 2500 S. Kirkman Road.

According to police, two females were observed walking through the store and placing merchandise in their purses.

Workers closed several of the exits so the duo was routed toward an exit where asset protection associates were waiting, police said.

As the teens tried to walk out of the store, security personnel identified themselves and attempted to stop them, police said.

One of the teens pulled a large folding knife and started charging at the security personnel, jabbing the knife toward them, according to police.

The teens then ran from the store, police said. 

"This is something that did not have to go that far," said Sgt. Wanda Ford, spokeswoman for the Orlando Police Department. "These two guys were just trying to do their jobs by asking the ladies to stop what they were doing. For them to take out a knife -- they could have harmed them or they could've even killed them."


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