Suspected car burglars seen on surveillance video in Chuluota neighborhood

CHULUOTA, Fla. – A group of Seminole County neighborhoods, part of the Trails of Seminole community, have been consistent targets of car burglaries. Several instances have been caught on surveillance camera.

The surveillance video shows two guys boldly walk up to a home on Red Pepper Loop and look inside a car to see what they can find. But then a dose of karma sets in. The guys go back to their car and it won't start. They walk out of frame and just minutes later a black car pulls up.

The car is very similar looking to a black Dodge Charger reported stolen Thursday morning just doors down. The guys throw their things into the black car and drive off. Thursday morning they returned to try and get their car started.

Neighbors said they are disgusted at the audacity of the men.

"I work hard, and I don't feel like people have the right to take things from people who work hard for it," a resident said. "It's personal belongings and it's a violation of your space, and a violation of just how you feel. It jut really concerns me."

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office said it is stepping up patrols in the area, and it was also able to get the fingerprints of the men involved with the broken down car, but have not yet made any arrests.

Police are also looking into other burglary incidents to see if there are any connections.