Bethune-Cookman University shooting suspect still behind bars

Saturday shooting killed 1, injured 2


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – It has been a violent year for students at Bethune Cookman University. The most recent shooting happened Saturday night and killed one student and injured two others. The suspected shooter remains behind bars, but his attorney said he has no business being there.

"We managed to get out of there in time because it could lead to gun violence," said Eli Harris.

Police said a shooting outside the Indigo Shores Country Club stemmed from a fight inside the club that involved 22-year-old Lamont Postell. Investigators said Postell left the country club to get a gun from his car and fatally shot 23-year-old Donkevius Johnson and injured two other BCU students. Postell is currently at the Volusia County Jail, but his attorney said he shouldn't be.

"My client ensures me that he was consistent in his statement to law enforcement saying that he was knocked out, beaten up and unconscious," said Donna Goerner.

Goerner said not only was Postell out cold from the fight, but also that there was no way he could have retrieved a gun from his car.

"A witness said he went to his car and got a gun and came back into the club," Goerner said. "My client doesn't have a car."

Goerner also said while her client was passed out, someone drove him to a nearby house where he later woke up to phone messages that said he was wanted. Goerner said he did the right thing by turning himself in.

"A guilty person runs away," Goerner said. "A person who has nothing to hide doesn't mind coming forward and saying, 'hey look, here I am. I know you want me, but I'm not the guy.'"

Daytona Beach Police said 12 students were involved in shootings within the last year. In February, officials said a shooting in the campus parking lot left three innocent bystanders injured.

In April, police said a man got kicked out of a house party and opened fire, injuring four students. Two of those victims were football players.

In September, there was a deadly shooting at the Carolina Club Apartments. Police said an argument over rent money turned into 27-year-old York Bodden killing two female students and injuring a male student. He then took his own life in a jail cell.

The Indigo Country Club shooting is now added to that list.

"It's just sad to hear that my fellow colleagues got injured and killed over something that was so irrelevant, you know, when it could have been handled in another way," Harris said.

"They tell us that they're responsible for us within these black gates," said Qunisha Dixon. "Once we step out of these black gates, we're on our own. It's up to us to make the right decisions."

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