Cops: Suspect beat disabled men, forced them to use counterfeit money

Man charged with abuse of disabled adult, counterfeiting charges


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Daytona Beach man, who forced two disabled men to help circulate his counterfeited money, was arrested Saturday.  

Anthony J. Brulewicz, 43, faces charges on two counts of abuse of a disabled adult and three counterfeiting charges.

He was accused by his alleged victims, two disabled men, who said, "Brulewicz would print counterfeit money, force them to walk into stores to spend it, then take the merchandise and the change," according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. 

One victim told deputies Brulewicz punched him six times Friday night, then threw him on the ground and strangled him.

The other victim said Brulewicz broke a picture frame over his head and punched him, and said when he would be forced to drive Brulewicz around town, Brulewicz would slam his head into the steering wheel if he resisted, deputies said. 

Authorities went to the suspect's house Saturday and, "found him with fresh blood on his hand and foot. On a table just inside the front door, deputies found three counterfeit $20 bills. Elsewhere in the house was a printer and more counterfeit money," according to deputies. 

Brulewicz remains in the Volusia County Branch Jail.