Burglars use claw hammer to break into Eustis garage, steal motorcycles

Break-in, $3K theft caught on camera at Elite Powersports & Marine

EUSTIS, Fla. – Surveillance video shows two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks inspecting a garage door, noticing a camera, and then knocking it away with a broom.

The camera captured only the first few moments of their late-night visit to Elite Powersports & Marine in Eustis early Friday morning.

"He was here an hour and a half to 2 hours banging on this door," said Jones Jones, the owner's business partner. "With a hammer."

Jones said one of the thieves used a claw hammer to tear a hole in the garage just big enough to crawl through.

"200-pound man gotta have a hole big enough for your gut to get through," said Jones. "I don't know what to make of it. How do you not hear bam, bam, bam. For an hour and half. Imagine a metal hammer going at it."

The burglars took two dirt motorcycles valued at $3,000. And Jones said the bikes were being held at the shop on consignment so the store owner must reimburse the owner of the motorcycles.

"He's got a family to support, he's got a small kid, cute kid," said Jones. "It's been a struggle, he's gotta work twice as hard, even later now to catch up and get enough done to pay his bills."

The surveillance clip shows one of the burglars' faces right before he destroys the camera. The video reveals a man with a heavy beard and a tattoo under his right eye and teardrop tattoos under the corner of his right here.

The Eustis Police Department is headquartered just two blocks from Elite.

"This case has been assigned to one of our investigators. It is an on-going investigation at this point with a lead on a possible suspect(s)," said Detective Jim Franquiz. "Not much further I can disclose at this time."

Jones said this is the second break-in at Elite in the past two months. The first time burglars tried to squeeze through a window but ended up breaking through a door and vandalizing an ATV.

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