Sanford police hold rally to 'stop the silence'

SANFORD, Fla. – Police, families of victims, and city commissioners will hold a community rally in Sanford to encourage people to speak up about violent crimes.

"We know what the problem is, we're killing each other here in our community," said Sanford City Commissioner Velma Williams.

Sanford Police Investigator Jonathan Hall said in order to close cases, they need more witness testimony, and tips from the public.

The news conference centered around an unsolved case from 2010, when Dennis Williams was found slain at the Castle Brewer Court Apartments.

Williams' father, Carlton Edge, spoke at the event to plead for help in his family's campaign for justice.

"It's been six years and no one has been arrested at this point. So we want to see that person brought to justice and justice served and my family can put some closure to this," said Edge.

All three speakers acknowledged the struggle to convince witnesses not to fear retaliation or retribution. Hall reiterated that their partnership with Crimeline allows callers to remain anonymous.

Saturday, the city of Sanford will hold a community rally that begins as a march from the police station to the Boys and Girls Club on South Persimmon Avenue.

Williams said the goal for this rally is to make an appeal to the community, to eliminate the fear and make the call.

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