Deltona home demolished after years of complaints

DELTONA, Fla. – After nearly four years of complaints from neighbors, an abandoned home with broken windows and a scorched roof is finally falling to the ground.

Frances Mojita called it a good day in her neighborhood, as the demolition crews tore down the roof of the house a few doors down from her at-home adult care facility.

"All the people that come for an interview, for a health assessment, they ask what happened to that, it's really ugly, so that's why I feel it affects my business," said Mojita.

In addition to being an eyesore, Mojita said the vacant home was a safety concern.

"I mean I've actually seen kids go inside," Mojita said.

After a fire in August 2012, the house had major structural damage and the property was foreclosed after the original owner passed away.

Now the city has plans for several demolitions to improve neighborhoods. City commissioners said they have $100,000 allocated for the demolition phase of a City Beautification Campaign. 

"We'd rather have the house fixed up and people living in it and paying taxes and being part of our community than to have to go to this extreme. But this one is our first one, we have 3 more after this, and we couldn't be happier with the response we've had from the community," said Chris Nabicht, vice mayor of Deltona.

Commissioner Mitch Honaker reported the home on North Covington Drive in District One, and it was the first on the list to be demolished.

"Just to see it go down, it really makes me feel good to know that we're doing something for the residents, and it gave me pleasure just to be here," said Honaker.

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