Lawsuit filed against Lake County massage business over sex assault claim

CLERMONT, Fla. –  A woman who said that she was sexually assaulted by a man in Lake County has filed a lawsuit against the massage business where he worked.

On Thursday, the woman's lawyer explained the lawsuit against Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Clermont.

The woman said she received a massage in April 2015. During the massage she said she was sexually assaulted.

"Without her consent, without her invitation to do so. She like many other women who have similar things happen, she froze, she was in shock. She was in disbelief," said Adam Horowitz, the woman's attorney.  "There is obviously an element of trust involved in getting a massage from somebody who you understand is licensed by the Department of Health and so it's a real betrayal of course when that occurs. It's the last thing that you expect. People go to a massages to get relaxation."

The lawsuit claims the business should have warned customers of Cesar Guerrero's behavior.

Guerrero, 26, was arrested in December for felony sexual battery in Orange County. The victim in that case spoke with News 6, asking to not be identified.

"It is now clear I'm not the only one. As a result of my story, other strong woman have come forward to tell their story, and I want other woman to come forward and not be afraid and know that he's not going to get away with this," said the woman. "I want to tell victim's that they shouldn't be afraid and I know it's really hard to face it, but know that the people that love you and support you, they will be there for you."

So far, Guerrero has only been charged in the Orange County case and not in the incident related to the lawsuit.

Both of the woman's attorney said that it is troubling Guerrero is still legally allowed to work as a massage therapist, despite his pending Felony Sexual Battery case. A quick check on the Florida Department of Health's website shows Guerrero's license is still active.

Guerrero's attorney had no comment because the lawsuit is filed against the business and not his client.

News 6 called Hand & Stone and Facial Spa in Clermont. The person who answered the phone said they had nothing to add for our story and then hung up the phone.

Guerrero is due back in an Orange County court in March.

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