Alleged affair victim blames church's negligence

ORLANDO, Fla. – Alleged victim Arlene Miranda said she would have never been tied up in an affair with ex-Orlando Baptist Church pastor David Janney if it hadn't been for the church's negligence.

A new lawsuit she filed Feb. 24 spelled out an affair Janney allegedly had a decade ago with a young woman who was also receiving counseling.

She said the church sent Janney to Kenya for outreach work instead of properly handling the incident.

The lawsuit writes, OBC "continued to place David Janney in a position of power and trust, from which he could continue to victimize emotionally fragile women."

Miranda calls out several people in her allegations, including church elder Dallas Mclaurin, for trying to silence her, Senior Adult Pastor Don Norman, for initially counseling her for the affair, but allegedly trying to cover it up once he found out it was with Janney.

She also included guest preacher John Erik-Moseler for trying to protect the church's image and money flow, and her first attorney Alisha Jimenez for allegedly coercing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Miranda said the church "wholly failed to protect her from David Janney's predatory conduct" and she was left "emotionally destabilized and stricken with guilt."

Miranda did not include David Janney in the lawsuit, and is seeking $15,000 in damages.

News 6 called and emailed lawyers for both parties, they did not respond. Miranda also declined an interview.