Man arrested after 24 pounds of pot found in home, cops say

Guns, drugs, money found on search warrant

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police say they have arrested a man after finding 24 pounds of marijuana inside a home.

Police served a search warrant Thursday at the home along the 4400 block of W. Jackson Street, where they found the marijuana that was intended to be sold throughout the west side of the city.

"I'm sure it'll put a small dent in it, but there are a lot of other dealers out there that supply," said Detective Yong Hall, of the Orlando Police Department.

Police found the large amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and three handguns, including one that was reported as stolen, inside the home.

They also found more than $1,700 in cash, according to police.

The home is located just steps from a community church, and Hall said the home the drugs were found in was heavily fortified.

"It took a while to breach the door, and we found out that they heavily reinforced the doorframe," he said.

He also said the windows had bars on the inside.

Serrano is facing felony drug charges, but police are searching for his boss, whom Serrano said is the kingpin of the operation.

He told police his boss takes money he earns selling drugs in Orlando and sends it to the poor in the Virgin Islands.

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