Woman hit by 18-wheeler while crossing street

Teresa Vasquez was knocked over and landed under trailer's tires

SAND LAKE, Fla. – Teresa Vasquez, 68, has been in the hospital recovering since Tuesday morning when she was hit by an 18-wheeler while crossing the intersection heading to the bus stop. The impact knocked her over and she landed under the trailer's tires.

"He needs to come and face what he did and not just walk away," said Rey Malave, a friend of the victim.

"As he makes the right turn, the trailer portion comes up onto where she's standing off the road. She gets knocked down and it runs over her," said Kim Montes, of Florida Highway Patrol.

Malave has known Vasquez for over 25 years and said the family is devastated with what happened. He told News 6 the truck broke her ankles and a leg, fractured her pelvis and left her with bruising all over her head.

"She's always involved with people, church, helping people. The last thing you could imagine is somebody that gives so much of herself to others that this would happen to her," Malave said.

FHP said after Vasquez was hit, the driver stopped, got out and looked. But at some point, the driver got back in the semitruck and drove off.

"That gives you a lot of rage to some degree over the fact that somebody doesn't have a heart to even care about a human life," Malave said.

"Hopefully he has a guilty conscience for what he did, because he left that woman there," Montes said. "She's an elderly woman and that's a bad injury for an elderly woman to receive."

If you have any information that can help in this case, you are asked to call FHP.