Woman celebrates 21st birthday at 84

LONGWOOD, Fla. – There is no better sign you've turned 21 than betting a news crew you could drink them under the table.

"I could drink in every state. I already have, but I could really do it legally now," said Longwood resident Dee Balliett.

She was more than spirited on what's really her 84th birthday Leap Year style. This year Balliet was flooded with cards and gifts by friends and family, She said it caught her by surprise.

"All the cards and the phone calls. I mean, I've got text messages, I've got the phone beeping all over the place," Balliet said.

Just like any 21-year-old, Balliet planned to shut the restaurant down with a little family party.

"We'll end up laughing so much that we'll close the dining room," she said.

But not before she gave News 6 a few words of wisdom.

“I mean, why get up in the morning and say bah-humbug, what a bad day. I mean, it's a beautiful day, you're alive, you're upright, you're moving. Be happy.”