Homeless shelter proposal off table in Daytona Beach

The Volusia County Council's $4 million proposal to buy land and build a shelter is now off the table.

The council said Daytona Beach City Commissioners sent a letter on Thursday stating that they want to only spend $400,000 a year for the next five years to operate the facility.  County Council said it will now look into other options on how to spend their money.

For a month, County Council proposed a plan to house the homeless in a temporary shelter called Safe Harbor.

"We're going to provide money, we're going to provide land, we're going to provide  resources, we're going to provide staff," said Josh Wagner, council member.

The county said the City of Daytona Beach is not on board. So, in Thursday's council meeting, a new commission went before council and offered both the county and Daytona Beach ways to alleviate the homeless problem.

"We need measurable outcomes and accountabilities and you need to know from your partners who is delivering the services to the target populations," said the commission.

The members proposed seven recommendations that included a temporary shelter, work groups to provide services for the homeless and a crisis response emergency shelter.

"In an environment that emphasizes housing first and housing first is a notion that says we're going to move people from shelter into housing as rapidly as possible so we do not have a bottleneck in terms of large numbers of people in shelter.

As of right now, no decision has been made.

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