Video captures woman breaking into Winter Garden home

Woman manages to pry open sliding glass door, let herself inside

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – Home surveillance video shows a woman peeking in through a window.


A dog in the frame notices the woman and starts to bark, then minutes later she manages to pry open the sliding glass door and let herself inside.


"Looked like she had some kind of crowbar, banged it out and pried it open. What happened if my son came home and this lady is in the house, what would happen?" homeowner Johnny Lei asked.

The woman, who was dressed in causal clothing and wore a visor on her head, walked past the kitchen and into what Lei said is the guest room.


"Normally I thought a bad guy would come and break into your house to rob you but from the video, look at this lady. You just don't trust anybody anymore," Lei said.

He told News 6 the time stamp on the video was only 10 minutes after he and his family left the house, but the woman was only inside for a couple minutes. Lei thinks the washer and dryer left on upstairs spooked her.

Now, he said he makes sure the back door is secure.

"I shouldn't have to do that. Nobody should have to do that, especially here," Lei said. "Just be aware, it doesn't matter where you live now, a nice subdivision like this, it's not safe anywhere. Make sure you lock your door when you leave."

The family didn't notice anything missing from the home. Anyone who has information that could help is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's Office.