Motorcycle racing champion arrested in Daytona Beach

Daniel Eslick arrested, bonds out of Volusia County Jail

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Daniel Eslick is known for his two Daytona 200 wins, but now he's in the spotlight for something else.

"A guy hitting a woman. He's not even a man. He's just being a coward," Earl Jacobs said.

Jacobs said he overheard the commotion that happened Monday night at the intersection of Main Street and Atlantic Avenue.

"This guy is running up the street, knocked a woman on the ground and he took off running," he said.

Police said the 29-year-old Eslick pushed the 51-year-old woman down then ran toward Ocean Drive after an officer told him to stop. The report showed Eslick paused briefly before he stated, "I'm just goofing off with my friends."

"The cops ain't chasing you for no reason. You've done something wrong or they wouldn't be after you," Jacobs said.

Police said not only did Eslick get aggressive with the woman but with them as well, by shoving and punching an officer who chased him. The report showed Eslick even "put his hands up and postured in a fighting stance."

Police said the officer also returned punches trying to subdue him. Officers finally arrested Eslick for battery on a law enforcement officer. He has since posted bail and has been released from the Volusia County Jail.

However, Jacobs said Eslick shouldn't get off the hook easily.

"They should take his championship away from him because that's just not right," he said.

Police said the victim declined to press charges. Daytona International Speedway told News 6 Eslick is still scheduled to race this weekend.

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