Volusia deputies arrest 'victim' in Deltona armed robbery

Magalys Mejias, 53, arrested Thursday


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A woman in Deltona who alleged she was robbed by an "armed stranger" Friday has been arrested, Volusia County deputies said. 

Magalys Mejias, 53, told police she fought off a stranger with a gun and then rammed her car to prevent it from getting away is now in jail. 

Deputies learned from the men arrested last week at the Winn-Dixie plaza on Howland Boulevard in Deltona the meeting was prearranged. 

The three men -- Aaron Voss, Christopher Watson and Andrew Mielniczek -- admitted they were meeting to buy pills.

One of the men voluntarily allowed police to pull his phone records on his cellphone to assert he was telling the truth.  

The records showed a number of phone calls for his phone to a phone number police have linked to Mejias, minutes before the encounter at Winn-Dixie. 

Deputies confronted Mejias with the information on Tuesday and she started change her original story, officials said. 

She told investigators that a second phone and bottle of prescription pills may have been stolen. She had omitted this information in the first interview, according to deputies.

She did tell deputies she has spoke to someone named Justin on the phone on the way to the store, but it was unrelated to selling drugs. 

The second woman involved told police she knew that they were meeting someone, but was unaware about the nature of the meeting. 

After the incident Meijas admitted to the woman that there were there to sell pills, deputies said.

One of the men arrested on Friday told deputies that he bought pills from Meijas and she realized he didn't pay the full amount for the drugs and that is when the argument happened. 

Mejias was arrested Thursday for neglect of a child and use of a two-way communication device to commit a felony and booked on $20,000 bond, according to the Volusia County Corrections website. 

Officials don't plan to file charges on the other woman because she did not know it was a drug deal.