Napster Co-Founder aims to bring first-run movies to your home

Films would cost $50 per view, according to Variety


With the rise of a movie ticket prices former Napster co-founder, Sean Parker, is offering a potential solution for those wanting to watch the latest film.

Parker’s new project is called the Screening Room, according to Fortune.com

The premise is to allow people to subscribe to a streaming service offering the latest movies at home.

The fee for each movie is $50.

In an effort to keep people coming to the movie theaters, Variety reports Screening Room will offer theaters up to $20 of the $50 for each movie purchased.

While also providing customers an incentive by offering free movie tickets at the customer’s theater of choice.

Parker is not new to providing streaming services to consumers. He co-founded Napster the free file- sharing service in 1999, later became a president of Facebook and a member of the board at Spotify.

Parker's reps did not respond to a request to comment Fortune reported.