Candidates spend weekend scoring votes

Early voting continues through Sunday

ORLANDO, Fla. – The leading Democrat and Republican presidential candidates plan to spend the weekend shoring up votes ahead of Tuesday's Florida primary.

While many, including Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, will be focusing their campaigning in the Midwest, Sen. Marco Rubio will spend Saturday and Sunday campaigning in his home state.

Rubio will attend rallies in the Tampa Bay area early Saturday. He will then attend a meet-and-greet event at a coffee shop in Lakeland before campaigning Saturday night in the panhandle.

Rubio returns Sunday to Central Florida for a rally in the Villages. His event at Rohan Recreation Center begins at 3 p.m.

News 6 spoke to some voters who have already made up their mind. They cast their ballots in early voting in Orange County.

"I'm looking for the guy who can actually win," Dan Gowen said. "It's a process of elimination."

Gowen said he cast his vote for Trump. Other voters were not so certain on their choice.

Chevin Ramsey said she does not want Trump as president, and she was torn on the remaining Republican candidates. She said her answer came in the form of a survey on Facebook.

"They asked a bunch of questions, and they had you pick which one you agreed with," she said. "At the end, it told you how much of the percentage you agreed with."

Her result said she aligns closest with Cruz, so that is Ramsey said she voted for Friday.

Early voting continues through Sunday. A list of polling locations in Central Florida can be found here.

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